Wondering why you can’t keep juggling all the balls as a business owner on your own?


You’re not supposed to! (Do it on your own, that is!)


Welcome to your new way of doing business – as the most courageous, connected & confident version of yourself!


When we think of what it takes to be successful in business, it’s often overwhelming as self-expectations of hustling hard and trying to show up in #alltheplaces come to mind.  In case you need a reminder… owning your own business is supposed to be meaningful for YOU and for YOUR CLIENTS. But often, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Hello burnout – or Adrenal Fatigue for me!  HINT: Listen to your Body. It is your confidant in business and life and knows you better than anyone.

Because to run a successful business in today’s climate, there are so many things we feel like we must do if we want our business to be successful! As a woman in business, we want to do and fix everything ourselves.  How do we market our business? How do we sell without being pushy? Where do we find like-minded people? How much is too much to hire good help? Enter the next question that pops into your mind just as you’re about to drift off to…sabotaging your sleep and – if you’re honest – taking its toll on the rest of your life too…relationships, health, finances.  But being a successful woman in business doesn’t have to be like this.


You can choose to expand your professional network, collaborate, make discoveries, learn together, clarify your dream, and walk confidently – supported by your sisters in biz – towards your vision.


It all starts with YOU – saying yes to accepting support so you can become the best version of yourself in business and in life.


Through elevating others to win by connecting them with each other and with opportunities for growth, partnerships, skill-sharing, and change-making, Marlie Jolanda helps clients to scale a sustainable business, feel confident in their processes and free up time to do more of what they love in life.

She’s committed to her mission…


To close the gap between men and women by supporting 1 million women in business to make more money and save time and money through creating opportunities for connection, creativity, and confidence to thrive.

Wait a minute… Who’s Marlie Jolanda?


Meaningful Marketing Business Coach, Business Matchmaker, Serial Fempreneur-On-A-Mission,Dreamer and Doer, loving partner, and international speaker.

Marlie Jolanda is Meaningful Marketing Business Coach & International Speaker who is committed to elevating sisters in business through supporting weaknesses and celebrating strengths. She is also the Founder of Secret SisinBiz Society, a unique collaborative community that empowers female entrepreneurs in business to win in both business and life.


While working as Social Media Manager for BMW Netherlands, she discovered an unresolvable wage gap between men and women. This ignited her mission to support 1 million women in business to make more money and save time and money.  With over a decade of experience in the Marketing/ Sales/ Networking Industry, Marlie has helped thousands of entrepreneurs world-wide stop wasting time and money on marketing that doesn’t work, and to excel beyond expectations.


Marlie doesn’t believe in ‘personal success’. Her wins are the success of all her biz sisters.  She knows from experience that choosing to operate in isolation does not work – no matter how much you believe you can do it on your own.  The greatest joy of all is making discoveries and evolving through our universal connection.


When she’s not supporting her Biz Sisters to succeed, she’s probably hanging out with her partner at a couple’s vacation at the beach (very necessary!) or cooking up a mean pasta before devouring it all herself!

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