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I help Entrepreneurs-on-a-Mission, like you, turn more potential customers into paying clients with proven Meaningful Marketing Methods.


Together, we change the way we do business around the world and help you reach new heights of income and influence.

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Hi, I’m Marlie Jolanda

I’m a Meaningful Marketing Business Coach, International Speaker, Workshop Trainer and Mastermind-Facilitator. I am also the founder of Secret SisinBiz Society and known as ‘The Connector’ of people and ideas. 🤗


I am all about helping you discover what IS and what IS NOT working for you, in your business and life. So you too can work SMARTER (not harder…✋) and earn a high income with doing what you love.


RESULTS of having me in your corner to hold you accountable? Save time, save money and make more money. 🏆 (Nope, not a dirty-word as you can do GREAT things with more $$ in your bank account, would you agree?)


Oh and let me help you prevent all the mistakes most business owners make (I already made them for you 😅) and the headache of trying to find the right connections to take your business to the next level.


I learned some powerful business & life lessons since starting my career at BMW Group over a decade ago. I was promoted twice in 1.5 years and became the first Social Media Manager within the group worlwide before I turned 25.

I know just how transformational it is to be guided by someone who holds similar values to you, especially when running your business(es) on your own. It can make us feel quite overwhelmed and lonely sometimes.


I get it. When I started on my own in 2016 I didn’t have a huge budget for expert support or outsourcing. I ended up working TWICE as hard for HALF the income and had a near burn-out…You leave your 9-5 for more flexibility and you end up working 24/7?! 🤯 And we both know, there’s no turning back…


Luckily I managed to turn things around with Meaningful Marketing and I am here to help you do the same. Allow me to support you, as I have been there. Let’s get you from A-B with ease and grace. 👌


I am always happy to help when I can. 🥰 Even if we might not be the right fit at this stage, I can connect you with amazing Experts in my Network.


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