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Helping ambitious women in business reach new heights of income and influence by showing them how to turn more potential customers into paying clients using Meaningful Marketing methods.  

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Hi, I’m Marlie Jolanda

I’m a Meaningful Marketing Business Coach, International Speaker & a self-declared Business Matchmaker! I’m all about unplugging things that aren’t working anymore – including you – and working SMARTER… not harder, in all areas of your life.


I know just how transformational it can be to be guided by someone who holds similar values to you and your brand, particularly when you’re running your business empire on your own.  I was, after all, guided originally by my father (a workaholic from the Netherlands who was my boss and my biggest promoter as my entrepreneurial spirit embarked on selling walnuts and second-hand goods door-to-door to raise money for my pony club, as a child.  We didn’t have much, but we used what we could to make a difference in the lives of others. Maybe you can relate?

I get it. Not every business has a huge budget for a team to take care of business processes, product development, HR, marketing, networking, public relations, copywriting and finances (or walnut deliveries, right?!).  You started your business to serve at your highest level and instead…you’ve become ‘Jill-Of-All-Trades. And now you’re wondering if you ever really were a ‘Master-Of-One’ – anything? You want your business to be life-giving and liberating – not stress-inducing and soul destroying. That’s why you left your 9-5, right?!  And we both know, there’s no turning back! 


I make it possible for ambitious female entrepreneurs who want to work smarter, not harder – by surrounding themselves with a sisterhood of supporters in business – to reach new heights of income and influence.


Through networking events, skill-sharing, partnerships, referrals and coaching, I show them how to turn more potential customers into paying clients using my powerful, Meaningful Marketing methods so that they can elevate not just their business – but all areas of their life.

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