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Marketing Conversion Business Coach

I Help you create meaningful marketing to turn more potential customers into paying clients

(So you can stop wasting TIME and MONEY on Marketing that doesn’t work…)

“Is your Marketing MEANINGFUL to you and your Ideal Clients? “



As the first Social Media Manager of BMW Group worldwide,  I have been an Expert in MEANINGFUL Marketing since 2009 .

What I have learned in Corporate, working with many Business Owners in various industries and investing Thousands of Dollars in Business courses and Coaches and Mentors…

“You will  get the results you want and DESERVE with the help of Experts much easier and quicker!”

The best thing you will ever do for your Business is to choose the right Business Coach and INVEST IN YOURSELF.

I struggle to see Entrepreneurs-On-A-Mission waste their Time and Hard-earned dollars  on Marketing that isn’t helping them get more clients…


Do you feel that your Marketing isn’t quite working as well as it should? 

Are you turning more Potential Customers into Paying Clients  with your current Marketing & Sales strategy? 


It is my MISSION to help Entrepreneurs-On-A-Mission like YOU create and share MEANINGFUL Marketing, that makes you the Money.


So you never have to worry about having to go back into a JOB ever again!


Marketing Conversion 1:1 Business Coaching

Facebook Ads Roadmap

Speaking & Presenting

Business Consulting & Corporate Team Training

Marketing MOJO Health Check


For Entrepreneur-On-A-Mission ready to take ACTION we schedule a Complimentary 60min Marketing MOJO Health Check on Zoom.

This is a great opportunity for you to find out:

1) Where are you at in terms of Meaningful Marketing that makes you Money?


2) Where do you have room for improvement or need help?


Let’s Answer those Questions, book in via the button below. #JustASK


Facebook Ads Roadmap

Are you an Entrepreneur-On-A-Mission struggling to get  $3-$8 return on every dollar you spend on Facebook Advertising?

The Facebook Ads Roadmap is the BEST program to learn our Success Formula with 1:1 Expert Support by  FB Ads Agency owner Marlon Marescia.

No more stress about Tech stuff or all the changes happening in Facebook (almost every day…)

You can now learn the skill yourself and become a Facebook Ads (Re)Targeting Expert at welcoming ‘Leads whilst you sleep’ with optimised campaigns.

Speaker & Workshops


Looking for a (keynote) Speaker for your next Event or Workshop?

Marlie presents in an Inspiring and Interactive way . She has the unique skill to ‘Move-The-Crowd’.

She hosts a variety of Workshops on Meaningful Marketing and  Personal and Professional Growth.

She always customises the content to WOW  your Target Audience.



“I took more notes than ever!”

“I learned more in 2.5hrs than in a 5-day Course”


Business Consulting & Corporate Team Training


Marlie provides 2hr DeepDive Strategy Session to Business Owners and Teams.

These Lets-Make-It-Happen Brainstorm and Mapping sessions leave you (and the Team) feeling Inspired.

You will have 100% Clarity with a 5-Step ACTION Plan and you feel CONFIDENT and EXCITED to hit your Next-Level Goals.

Do you know what YOU and your Team need to achieve BETTER results in the next 3 months?

Keen to get Expert help? Book in your 2hr DeepDive Strategy Session via the button below.


“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” ~Zig Ziglar

About Marlie Jolanda

High Energy // Positive // Yes-You-Can Attitude // Social // Serial Fempreneur-On-A-Mission // Vice-President of the Gold Coast Rotary Passport Club // Always willing to help and create #WinWins for everyone.

My passion is to help Entrepreneurs-On-A-Mission to STOP WASTING their Time and Money on Marketing that doesn’t work…

Having a Marketing Conversion Business Coach to keep you accountable. That One-on-One Support is the help you need to make the Difference you want to make (and you know deep down you CAN, but you aren’t doing it yet!)

Having access to  an Experienced Team and a broad Network. You are only ONE Connection away from making your Life a lot easier…

Following a Simple 3-Step Proven Process to create and share MEANINGFUL Marketing that makes you money (instead of wasting your time and hard-earned dollars without getting a return on investment).

“The best time to start was yesterday,

the Next best time is NOW”




What awesome Clients have to say:

“Marlie has been a great asset to AUZi since the rebranding in 2014-now. Since then we have doubled in size year on year.

I would highly recommend anyone to have a chat with Marlie about how she can help you and your business too.”

Neil Inns

Founder & Online Insurance Broker, AUZi Pty Ltd

“Marlie is a fantastic accountability partner and makes you feel excited about the possibilities available for your success – all she wants is for you to be successful and achieve your goals!

Marlie has great ability to see the “BIG picture” and help clients to identify the best options to reach that. “

Suzie de Jonge

Rapid Transformational Therapist, Founder of Beautifully Selfish

“Since working with Marlie I managed to double my income in less than 3 months. I am well on track to earning Six Figures now as a Personal Trainer, which is not easy in our competitive industry!

I am very grateful for what I learned and implemented with Marlie as my Business Coach.

She made me realise how I help people not only change their bodies, but their lives for the better.”

Corban Manley

Personal Trainer - Fitness First

Are you doing things the best YOU can, or the best way it CAN BE DONE?

“The Quality of your LIFE is determined by the Quality of your QUESTIONS” – How can I help you?